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4 Free Beaches in Montego Bay

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Montego bay is known as a resort town where everything is like a tourist trap but have you overlooked these beaches? Are you looking to avoid beach fees and being surrounded by alot of tourists? Here are some free beaches in Montego Bay that are popular with locals and not far from the city center

Dump Up Beach

This beach is right infront of the Montego Bay city center. It is frequented by locals and hardly attracts any tourists. The beach is quite pretty with white sand and shallow calm water. The beach is publicly owned and the government is now developing the beach into a public park which should definitely give downtown Montego Bay an extra appeal.

Aerial shot of Dump Up Beach

Dump Up Beach Montego Bay

One Man Beach

Right in the middle of the Hip Strip beside the Old Hospital park there is this little gem. Totally free to access and has a nice slice of the Caribbean sea and sand. It is almost entirely used by locals and there are frequently football games on the grassy side of the beach area.

Hard Rock Cafe Beach

Its at the end of the Montego Freeport and is really a restaurant (part of the famous chain). There is no entry fee. Though not explicit you are expected to buy at least a drink. There is also a nice swimming pool on the property and there are beach facilities including deck chairs and parasols. It is usually quiet at this beach, particularly on weekdays.

Hard Rock Beach Montego Bay

Buccaneer Beach

Or "Dead End beach" is popular with locals. As the name suggests it runs along a dead end road at the end of the hip strip and ends just by the airport runway. While at this beach you will observe planes landing low right above your head.

Dead End Beach Montego Bay

Dead End Beach sign

All these beaches are free and easy to access. they are usually frequented by locals including hard rock and offer an alternative to private and resort style beaches.

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