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Montego Bay's Underground Dub scene

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Montego Bay is reknowned for it's big all inclusive hotels, beaches and little else really. That is starting to change, the city is developing a new soul. In the wake of the recent state of emergency and increased gang violence in the city a group of youths are forging their own positive way.

The promotors of Dub Treatment; Collie Green and Rosh Rebel, are investing their talents and passion into a new Dub movement. Dub Treatment is a monthly soundsystem Dub/reggae event that takes place every last Friday of each month. The venue is at the Hotbox Club in the heart of Montego Bay's city center. It is a gritty backdrop to a fresh new movement that brings young local rasta artists across visual and audio forms together to create a freestyle street gilded sound system session, which is infused with live performances by many upcoming Jamaican vocalists.

The event series is currently in it's early stages with only a handfull of instalments so far but the response has been overwhelming. It got the attention of us at Reggae Hostel Montego Bay early and we threw our support behind it right away. Our guests now go every time and are blown away by this authentic local experience and a cultural showcase not designed for tourists but a true and raw expression of youthful aspiration and artistry. The vibe at each event is perfumed with ganja which is the meditational sacriement of rastafari and is treated as a herb and not a drug. The vibe is peaceful and welcoming exclusively vegan food is on sale, not a soul is harmed not even animals. With the Rasta philosphy of "livity" - peace and love, blended with live and let live - the atmosphere is charming and calming for the newcomer. The event starts at about 8pm and continues until about 2am.

The next day the same promoters head to the Montego River and hold a chanting and steaming (bong smoking) session while bathing in the curative flow of the tropical river. The gathering is a celebration of life and a revitilisation of the soul which perfectly balances the pulsating dub vibrations of the night before.

The end of month event is complimented by another roots reggae music, rasta inspired, event that takes place at Montego Bay's indigenous Rasta village. The event is known as Irits. This event takes place during the day and offers a wholisitic approach with live reggae music accompanied by yoga, meditation sessions and vegan food. The event is the perfect bookend to a soulfull weekend and offers a calm and meditative vibe along with uplifting and inspiring performances, some by Jamaica's most promising young artists like Aza Lineage, Black Hero and The Grei Show.

The whole weekend has now been packaged by Reggae Hostel Montego Bay and is now marketed as "Dub Weekend". The vibe according to guests has been amazing and the last weekend of every month is now becoming a very exciting time for our guests and staff as we support this positive movement. We hope that this uplifting movement will positively inspire the youths in Montego Bay.

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