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How safe is it to travel to Kingston, Jamaica?

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

New Kingston

One of the burning questions on the minds of many travellers and one we have had to answer numerous times. Kingston has a daunting reputation but is very misunderstood as a destination. It is known as the "heartbeat of Jamaica", aptly so since it is unique to Jamaica and the Caribbean. It is the largest English speaking City in the Caribbean and t...he birthplace of all the popular types of music, that has made Jamaica so well loved. It is also nestled between the seventh largest natural harbour in the world and mountains dominated by the Blue Mountains in the North East of the city. It has an inspirational backdrop but it also has a reputation for crime. So when travelling to Kingston consider the following points:

  1. Most of the statistics involving violent crimes are down to gang warfare or domestic disputes.

  2. Kingston has a wider variety of residents than anywhere else in Jamaica making the city the most cosmopolitan on the island.

  3. No place is "safe" it is the circumstances that create safety e.g walking a street during the day is safer than in the night, safer to walk with no valuables.

  4. Crowded places including concerts attract pick pockets.

  5. Although relatively few visitors experience being robbed in Kingston, getting robbed at gun or knife point is a real possibility, particularly if you walk streets at night. These few incidents are usually violence free if the victim co-operates.

  6. Most Kingstonians are friendly, proud and protective of visitors. We have had so many stories of random kindness to our guests from Kingston residents, it has been overwhelming for us as hostelowners from Kingston!

  7. Poverty has helped create many street hustlers, who will at times serve a good purpose but usually should be observed cautiously.

  8. The public transport system is quite safe, very few if any of our guests over the last six years have reported feeling unsafe in public buses or route taxis.

  9. Top items robbed; smartphones, jewellery and cash.

  10. Strolling around aimlessly will attract street hustlers and thieves.

Considering these points, Kingston is just as safe for travellers as many popular Caribbean and Latin American cities. Considering the huge cultural influence of the city and unique vibe, a visit to Kingston is a must in any travel plan to Jamaica!

If you have any questions about safety in Jamaica or any other issue, please inbox us we would be happy to help..Bless!

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