Our List of recommended hostels in Jamaica. This group of hostels are affordable and have a local authentic feel. A number of them are 420 friendly and have accessible and accommodating hosts.



Treasure Beach 

Port Antonio

Montego Bay 

Ocho Rios


Blue Mountains

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Treasure beach is a small seaside village on Jamaica's south coast with a quiet and laid-back vibe. It is very safe, and the people are open and friendly. The town has many cozy natural beaches and is close to many beautiful attractions like YS falls and Pelican Bar.

Negril is a tourist resort destination and small fishing village. There is a local and touristic side to it. There are many independent hotels which are lined along the seven mile beach and the cliff side west end. Negril is the most laid back of all Jamaican destination and has fantastic beach and cliff coastline. The neighbouring community of Orange Hill is known to have the best weed.

Port Antonio is a small town on the southeast coast of Jamaica. it is regarded by many to have Jamaicas most naturally beautiful spots in its surroundings. Situated on the more tropical and rainy side of the island there are many breathtaking waterfalls, rainforests and beaches to be found. 

Montego Bay is Jamaicas second largest city and is known as a tourist mecca. It is where Jamaicas largest airport is situated and the City has many beautiful beaches in its surrounds. The city centre is gritty and vibrant but authentic and full of history.

Ocho Rios is a tourist resort town on the North Coast which is about halfway between Montego Bay and Port Antonio. The town is very vibrant offering lots of nightlife, dining, and shopping. The beaches are spectacular and the waterfalls are the islands most famous particularly Dunns River falls. The town is surrounded by many other small towns like St Anns Bay and Salem. Oracabessa is also nearby and is the spiritual home of James Bond.

Jamaica's cultural mecca and largest city. It is the birthplace of Ska and reggae and is a cultural treasure. The city is vibrant with about one million people living in the greater Kingston area. There are numerous historical treasures that include the former pirate capital Port Royal and the Bob Marley Museum.

The Blue mountains are a UNESCO heritage site and has a lot of history in its unusual topography. The mountain range which is the highest in Jamaica has a peak of 2500 meters above sea level. The peak is a favorite for hikers and the blue mountain range is home to one of the worlds finest gourmet coffees.

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